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The new range of traliftTM manual chain hoists includes units with capacities from 500 kg to 20 tons. These units can be equipped with a load limiter for even safer use.

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The traliftTM manual chain hoists comply with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
The traliftTM manual chain hoists are ideal for lifting and handling in industry and construction, and in particular for assembly operations, construction and maintenance.

Compact and robust design
All steel construction for improved resistance to impact. 
Device where the component assembly offers maximum 
Its size and weight have been reduced for greater 
compactness and easier use. 
Strong protection of mechanical components (gears, 
brakes and hand wheel).

Easy maintenance
Reduction in the number of parts to reduce service time during maintenance. 
Open cover allowing quick disassembly of the brake casing and the control chain. 
Facilitated access to the hoisting hub to allow regular inspection and cleaning of the hoisting hub cells.

High efficiency gearing
The lifting manoeuvring operations are facilitated by optimised spur gearing. 
Grease lubrication enables optimum meshing of all the gear spurs.

Secured braking device
Two safety ratchets with spring with a space between each turn. 
Ratchets positioned in opposition to balance the stresses on the ratchet wheel. 
Thicker and wider dual brake disk for improved heat dissipation and greater resistance to wear.

Optimised chain guide
Multiple cell lifting hubs for improved meshing of the load chain. 
A guide pin ensures the correct positioning of the chain on the hub during lifting operations. 
One-piece guide roller at chain output for greater strength in the event of lateral stresses.

High resistance chain and spurs
Galvanized hand chain.
Lifting chain with special high-tech coating ensuring high corrosion resistance.
Forged steel spurs, rotating by 360°.     

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