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  • IEC electronic voltage detector ìUltra compact seriesî for indoor and outdoor use. Ultimate ìhead capacitive technologyî of voltage detector.
Universal application 50 / 60 Hz and wide band of voltage from 10 to 36 kV. Telescopic stick for voltage detector.

  • Personal protection against electrical shocks for live working from 500 to 36000V. These gloves have to be used with leather overgloves, to ensure a mechanical protection. The use of thin cotton undergloves is recommended for a better comfort and good hygiene.         

  • Two poles tester detect differences in voltage between any points of an installation.
 Essentially used for phase balance operations, it may also be used for two pole detection operations and H.V. fuse checking.

  • Arc flash protection of an electrician.
 This kit must be used with insulating rubber gloves and leather overgloves, as shown on the photo.
 This kit is in conformity with NFPA70E standard and PPE Directive 89/686/CEE

  • Earthing and short circuiting system for direct mounting on live conductor.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items