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38mm Metal Shackle Safety Padlock

Plastic lock body is impact resistant , UV resistant , corrosion, chemical, heat and low temperature.

  • Easy for carrying, durable and lightweight.
  • Integrated "seamless" lock structure durability.
  • Multiple rows of marbles technology, reduce the number of key repeat.
  • The new management key technology, can reach 6 level management.
  • Label in high-quality , waterproof, anti-corrosion and strong adhesive.
  • Key retaining-ensures that padlock is not left unlocked.

Universal switch lockout

Universal switch lockout, is made of impact resign, the bottom design has eight rectangular holes, which is suitable for almost all the square lock switch, and it is convenient to install, preventing misuse.

  • Push Button and Rotary Switch Covers
  • Prohibits access to a switch or control
  • Fits both 30.Smm and 22.Smm diameter switches
  • Clear bases and cover allow visibility of nameplates and labels
  • Horse-show shaped retrofit base allows use with raised nameplates and off-center installation to accommodate rotary switch knobs
  • Accommodates buttons up to 5O mm diameter and 45mm tall

Includes one cover ,one new install base and one retrofit base with double-faced adhesive tape

Gate Valve Cover

Made of ABS ,anti-impact resistance. Service temperature: -20°C-l00°C

Universal MCB lockout

Double arms Universal Ball Valve  Lockout

  • Made of PP  and stainless steel.
  • Advanced upper teeth trapezoid design Improves the bite fastness on valve handle.
  • The latest design with  adjustable two sides
  • Rotating arm length makes it more accurate and convenient to lock out.

Customizable lockout station

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